Stylish Wholesale Maternity Wear

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Published: 23rd December 2010
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Wholesale maternity wear gives pregnant women the ability to purchase maternity clothing by bulk at more affordable rates. As a womanís body changes and becomes a lot bigger during pregnancy, the need for maternity wear arises. The middle ages saw a trend in womenís clothing that followed their body shapes. These clothes however were not conducive for expectant mothers so western European women at the time opened the seams of their clothing to allow for growth. This trend gave birth to the many stylish wholesale maternity wear we now see.

Back then, women wore a waist less pregnancy gowns called the Baroque Adrienne with many folds. Pregnant women to close the opening on their jackets also used aprons. When 19th century came however, dresses were begun to be tailored for pregnant women. During the twentieth century, these wholesale maternity wear was considered as a fashion backwater. One of the most common styles at the time was called Pinafores which was sold in nursery shops. It used to be that wholesale maternity wear werenít very profitable as women didnít feel the need to buy clothing intended to be worn only for a few months.

The wholesale maternity wear industry began to be profitable in the late 90ís due to pregnant celebrities who sported such stylish maternity clothing. In the year 2003, major clothing manufacturers were in on the bandwagon as the market grew by 10%. In 2006, the demand for wholesale maternity wear even increased as women needed more outfits to suit them during their pregnancy as they travel, go to the gym and even work. Women in the 21st century play a lot more active roles in the society even during pregnancy than they passively used to.

This gave birth to even trendier wholesale maternity wear which not only included one piece dresses anymore, but even two to three piece ensembles. One piece dresses are still largely worn today by pregnant women which are made of extra thick fabric in order to accommodate a motherís growing midsection. Their undergarments like bras now include clips which unhook from the top to allow a mother easy exposure for breastfeeding, these are called nursing bras. Maternity bands on the other hand can be unzippered or unbuttoned intended to be used with loose maternity wear. Then there are those wholesale maternity wear which come in two or three pieces such as pants, blouses and skirts.

Blouses for pregnant women also have thick fabrics to allow for belly expansion. Maternity pants are usually made of stretchy material and may even include an elastic band at the top house a womanís larger belly during pregnancy. Skirts on the other, just like maternity pants, are also made of stretchy materials and may or may not include an elastic band at the top. These wholesale maternity wear normally comes on a one size fits all function, or may also vary depending on the womanís pregnancy stage. They now come in a variety of stylish designs and fashion.

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